Place 2 visit in Siem Reap

Tempat2 di Siem Reap & Angkor yg mau didatangi :
Wat Bo – oldest temple in Siem Reap
Wat Thmei – have small memorial stupa containing the skulls & bones of victims of Khmer
Angkor National Museum
Seeing Hands Massage 4 – massage by blind people
Psar Chaa – for eating khmer food
Angkor Palm resto
Angkor Night Market

(To really understand the beauty of Angkor u should read some articles about ancient city & architecture of Angkor, then u will understand it beauty)

Angkor Balloon : to see angkor from 200m above the ground – usd 11
Angkor Wat : largest religious structure in the world. Understand that this complex facing west, that’s indicate that this is a tomb. It’s also famous for it’s Apsara (heavenly nymphs). It’s also surrounded by 190 m wide moat. Don’t forget to see the infamous relief of “the churning of the ocean of milk” in the central structure.
Angkor Thom : this old city ruin is 10 sq km in size.
Bayon temple : 54 gothic towers decorated with 216 coldly smiling enourmous faces of Avalokiteshvara
Baphuon : it’s a representation of Mt. Meru
Preah Palilay : there are several enourmous trees looming large over the central sanctuary, which make for a fine photo
Terrace of the leper king & of elephants
Ta Prohm : most atmospheric ruin at Angkor. Used in ‘Tomb Raider’ film. It’s a Buddhist temple dedicated to the mother of Jayavarman VII.
Phnom Bakheng : the main attraction is photo op of a sunset view of Angkor Wat (use 300mm tele lens) or view of Western Barray.
Banteay Kdei & Sra Srang
Preah Khan (temple of sacred sword) : one of the largest complexes at Angkor.

Selain situs diatas ada beberapa lagi lokasi yg cukup jauh / sulit untuk dicapai 🙂

Moto Yuk !!!

(Source : lonely planet, cambodia)

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