Personal Exposure

Saya terketuk waktu membaca tulisan Michael Freeman dalam bukunya “Perfect Exposure”. Intinya dia mengatakan bagaimanapun teori exposure pada akhirnya tergantung selera kita. Demikian kutipannya :

“….While there is no doubt that there is a fairly narrow band of exposure for any one image that the majority of people would prefer, good photography involves self-expression, and this opens up the choice even for something that might seem so mundane as exposure.

In exposure, there is no wrong and there is no right: If you embrace this, and I believe you should, you take your chances and fall back on your judgment. Like any artist, you have to stand by your own opinion. Not everyone will agree with what you do, but does that matter? There’s a certain safeness in trying to get the image to a state that most of your audience will like. It’s safe, yes, but courageous, no.

If you treat photography as a kind of business, with results based on market acceptance, as many people do, then you should stick with the received wisdom and the objective “rightness” that the last chapter dealth with. However, rest assured that the imagery will fall short of being interesting, personal and, dare I say it, completely worthwhile…. “

Michael Freeman ingin menyampaikan bahwa pada akhirnya setelah kita memahami konsep exposure maka langkah yang paling penting adalah menjadikan exposure itu style kita, milik kita, gaya kita dan kebenaran kita. Tidak ada yang benar atau salah dalam hal exposure. Yang tahu hanya kita sendiri, apakah kita berhasil mendapatkan exposure yang kita inginkan. Kalau belum berarti gagal, kalau sudah (terlepas dari hasilnya dinilai seperti apa oleh publik) maka berhasil.


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