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Wei Fuk adalah salah satu MY-ers aktif, sekaligus moderator FB Group MY yang tinggal di Bandung. Foto-fotonya memiliki tone yang khas dan cerita emosional yang kuat. Let’s enjoy his opinion on picture style … thanks for sharing Wei.


There are many canon picture styles, officially shipped with canon gears are: standard, landscape, neutral, faithful, neutral, monochrome, while canon also release others to be downloaded such as: twilight, nostalgia, studio portrait, snapshot portrait, emerald, clear, autumn hues. This writting specifically focuses on faithful and neutral picture style.

What is the difference?

accroding to the canon official website:


Accurate recording of the subject’s color, close to the actual image seen with the naked eye

The “Faithful” setting enables reproduction of images that are colorimetrically almost identical to the actual colors shot under standard daylight conditions.
By maintaining the colors of the subject, the colors remain true even in highlight areas, so the expression of the colors is strong, giving a reliable impression that is close to what is seen with the naked eye. The colors are absolutely true to life, ensuring faithful reproduction—no matter how sober or vivid.
This setting is also suitable for replicating existing photographs and product photography, where the original colors must be accurately expressed.

Technique: Use the “Faithful” Picture Style to reproduce subjects as they actually appear


Subjects are recorded in rich detail, giving the greatest latitude for image processing

The “Neutral“ setting is suitable for expressing subtle nuances within vivid colors, even for objects with considerable contrast, when wishing to convey delicate textures.
Contrast and saturation settings are moderated, so there is less risk of overexposure and color saturation compared to other styles, resulting in a more restrained and calmer expression.
Richer detail is retained as data, so corrections can easily be rendered using Digital Photo Professional or Adobe® Photoshop®, etc. for JPEG output as well.

Technique: “Neutral” Picture Style for more detail.



The picture above is my 2-years old son, not the best shot, just wanted to test out faithful vs neutral pic style. It seems to me that the faithful pic style on skin tone is more redish, and the neutral pic style is more greenish/yelowish.

Here is another example to show the redish vs yelowish pic style



in order to strengthen my opinion above, i include a histogram comparison below:


In the above histogram, we can see that the Red channel of the faithful is more higher than the neutral one to the end of the curve (the highlight part of the image), whereas the green and the blue one the curve are almost the same. We can also see that the range of all the 3 channels, faithful is wider than neutral, not by much though, means that faithful a bit more contrast than neutral.



They are identical right? Actually there is tiny differences, in the sun part, the faithful is brighter and more red compared to the neutral, meaning if there is a race and overexposure is the finish line, faithful will surely be the winner. By 0.001 second 😀



Which is better?

There is no such thing in photography, It’s just a matter of taste. If there is a better one, then canon is stupid enough to make them both. None is better than the other, in fact one compliments the other. In some cases, faithful provide accurate color match to the actual subject, and in another cases, neutral seems to be the perfect one. Again, it’s just a matter of taste. I personally shoot with RAW+neutral, in order to achieve greater post processing power.

Keep MotoYuk!!!

Wei Fuk

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