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Beberapa minggu terakhir ini dampak dari gempa Jepang mulai dirasakan oleh penggemar fotografi, kelangkaan produk. Coba cek ke banyak toko, kebanyakan dari mereka tidak memiliki stok lagi. Dari datascrip & Alta sendiri juga belum ada kejelasan mengenai kapan kelangkaan barang ini akan berakhir.

Saat yang tepat untuk menjual lensa-lensa & body yang tidak lagi dibutuhkan (harga sedang naik) dan menahan pembelian sesabar-sabarnya. Berikut kutipan dari blog sebelah :


One of the negative effects of the earthquake that hit Japan last week is its disruption of the day-to-day operation of businesses. Camera giants Canon and Nikon have both released official statements detailing the current state of business.

Several of Canon’s offices and factories were damaged during the quake. A total of eight Canon sites have suspended operations since March 14. Six of the eight Canon business sites have reportedly recovered and will soon be running in full capacity again. The other two sites, Canon’s Utsunomiya and Fukushima offices, suffered significant damage and are still currently in recovery mode. It is still not certain when the Utsunomiya and Fukushima offices will be back in 100% capacity. 15 employees have been reported as injured. Fortunately, there have been no fatalities.

We’ve gotten word that lens production might be affected since Canon’s lens production facility (we’re guessing it’s in their Utsunomiya Office) has been badly damaged. Worse case scenario: there might be a lens shortage in the coming months–especially in the high-end lens category.

Read Canon’s official press release here.

Nikon fared no better than Canon and has reported that several of their factories and offices have suffered damages. The company is currently in the process of assessing whether they will be able to continue operations. Recovery of Nikon’s manufacturing factories and operations might take as long as a month. There have been injuries reported but luckily, no deaths.

Read Nikon’s official press release here.

With power supply being a problem in Japan, it’s anyone’s guess as to when Canon and Nikon will be able to resume normal operations. We’re just glad that no deaths have been reported and we wish each company a speedy recovery.


Menurut website resmi Canon dalam press release mereka, saat ini sebagian besar pabrik sudah kembali ber-operasi walaupun masih secara berkala / tidak full.

Operating Status of Operation Sites and Canon Group Companies

Canon Group Operation Sites

  • Optics R&D Center, Utsunomiya Office (Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture)
    Operations resumed on March 22 (Tue.)
    Currently fully operational
  • Utsunomiya Plant, Utsunomiya Office (Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture)
    Production to sequentially resume from mid April
  • Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant, Utsunomiya Office (Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture)
    Operations to resume in mid April, with production to sequentially resume from same time
  • Toride Plant (Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture)
    Operations resumed on March 18 (Fri.)
    Currently carrying out intermittent production
  • Ami Plant (Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture)
    Operations resumed on March 17 (Thur.)
    Currently fully operational

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